Streck and Davis Law formed in 2017. Fred Streck has been a Fort Worth attorney since 1986, when his counterpart Jackson Davis was a mere two years old. Fred has tried hundreds of cases all over the State of Texas, is board certified, and is regarded as one of the best trial lawyers in the State of Texas. Fred has 4 boys who are all either gainfully employed or in college, has a dog named Steve, and is generally well respected by all who come to know him as a good dude.

Jackson has been an attorney since 2011.  Jackson has spent considerable time in the courtroom trying cases and has resolved upwards of a thousand cases since his career began.  Jackson has two boys 4 and 1 who are not gainfully employed, but do a good job of listening to their mama and taking care of their English bulldog Bauer. Jackson ranges between a 2 and a 4 handicap at golf and claims to shoot three pointers at the YMCA at an extremely high percentage, much to his paralegal’s skepticism.

Fred and Jackson are unafraid to take on challenging cases. Many firms have too many cases, not enough employees, and there is a severe lack of communication between the attorneys. Streck and Davis are the exact opposite.

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